Seniors and Juniors will be able to purchase parking permits for the upcoming school year starting on the first day of school. Summertime appointments to purchase parking permits may be made by contacting Mr. Olsen through email. Permit forms are available in the link below, in the High School Main Office, as well as at the security desk at the High School.  If you have any issues or concerns with purchasing a permit, please contact Mr. Olsen in A200, via phone 860-739-6946 x5533 or email

Student parking at ELHS is always a significant concern for both students and parents who have personal vehicles available for student transportation. Unfortunately we have a limited number of parking spots available for students. I can appreciate the difficulty and inconvenience this causes for families and students, however, we may not able to accommodate all student drivers and I appreciate your consideration and understanding regarding this matter. Obtaining student parking permits as soon as possible alleviates this issue. 


Students who are eligible to park, should bring a signed permit application, the applicable paperwork and payment of $35.00 to the HS Security desk. Students issued a permit MUST display a hanging parking permit tag from their rear view mirror (or readily visible from the front of the vehicle) at all times while parked in designated parking lots only. If there are any financial concerns relative to parking fees, please contact Mr. Olsen. Senior parking spaces are handled by Senior Class Officers/Advisors and are independent of the required school issued student parking permit. You must have a school issued parking permit prior to obtaining any senior parking privileges. 

Eligible students who are found to be parking without a parking permit will be subject to disciplinary actions and may be required to pay additional fees in order to obtain their parking permit. 

Students are reminded that they are responsible for adhering to and following all State of Connecticut Motor Vehicle Laws. Violations of these laws may lead to the revocation of the students parking privileges and referral to the East Lyme Police Department. Students involved in motor vehicle accidents, or who notice damage to their vehicle from a possible motor vehicle accident should immediately notify security or building Administration for assistance. 

The following information is provided for your convenience and information:

1. Student parking permits are available to SENIORS and JUNIORS commencing as stated above and continuing throughout the school year during regular business hours. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain a parking permit as soon as possible as the parking spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

2. Sophomore and Freshman students are not allowed to park on campus during the regular school day hours until such time that parking is opened to additional eligible students. 

3. Parking enforcement will be conducted throughout the school year, to include an emphasis at the beginning of the school year. Disciplinary action relative to parking enforcement is included in the student handbook.

4. Students are not allowed to park next to the Aquatics Center, in the Flanders School parking lot or in the faculty parking lot at any time during regular school hours. Students must not move their vehicle from approved student lots to the Pool Lot or Flanders Elementary School during the Flanders School day which continues through 3:35pm. 

Thank you for your understanding and anticipated cooperation on this matter. If you have any questions and/or concerns I can be reached at 739-6946 ext. 5533 or through e-mail  at

Christopher Olsen

Director of Security
East Lyme Public Schools