UPDATED (9-10-2019)

2019-2020 Bus Routes

*Please note bus times can vary 10 minutes before or after the published stop time.

Flanders Elementary   (Flanders Bus #16 is now Flanders Bus #19)

Lillie B. Haynes

Niantic Center School

East Lyme Middle School (ELMS Bus #2 is now Middle School Bus #20)

East Lyme High School

Vocational/Technical Schools

Late Bus


For Magnet School Transportation Information click the links below:

·         Magnet School Shuttle Form

Contact Information

Karen Armstrong

Administrative Assistant, ELPS Transportation Department, Transportation
School Regular Hours
East Lyme High School 7:30 - 2:10
East Lyme Middle School 8:30 - 2:45
All Elementary Schools 9:05 - 3:35


Request For Bus Stop Change

Click link below for Bus Stop change form:

Request for Bus Stop Change Form

Note: Bus stops are normally changed for safety reasons only. We do not change stops based on the
proximity of the stop to your residence, the parents ability to see their child at the stop, the fact that the bus passes your house to get to the stop, the bus stops at a stop sign close to your house, the lack of a
sidewalk, or that it may be dark outside.

As always, we do our best to accommodate the needs of all students while maintaining the highest level of safety. A bus stop change request form must be completed for any request to change a bus stop. Please return the completed form to East Lyme Public Schools, PO Box 220, East Lyme CT 06333. Once the completed request has been received, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of a decision. Any changes that are implemented will take 72 hours to take effect.

Parent Responsibilities: Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children from the
time the children leave home in the morning until they board the bus, and at the end of the day from the
time their children depart the bus until they arrive home.

East Lyme Public School Transportation Policy and Regulation

East Lyme Public School Transportation Policy and Regulation

East Lyme Board of Education Transportation Policy Regulations state that students enrolled in elementary have a maximum walking distance of one mile and students enrolled in middle and high school have a maximum walking distance of one and a half miles.

Transportation - Policy 3541

Transportation - Regulation 3541  and  Bus Accident/Incident Report Form

Are you moving within the East Lyme District ? How is my child provided an updated bus stop?

If you have a child enrolled in the East Lyme Public Schools and are moving please contact Stacey Muscarella for an appointment at 860-739-3966 ext. 5628 or email stacey.muscarella@elpsk12.org to have your residency updated. After your updated residency has been finalized, transportation will be contacted to update bus stop. Please note that bus changes due to updating of residency can take up to 48 hours, after residency has been finalized.

You will need to provide updated  Proof of Residency from list below & complete Statement of Residency

1st Proof (required):

  • A current signed lease/rental or sales agreement/deed

2nd & 3rd Proof (choose 2 from below list):

  • Parent’s valid Connecticut driver’s license/ State ID with East Lyme address (will accept with change of address sticker on back)
  • Two (2) of the following statements with the parent’s name and East Lyme address: Current utility/water/sewer/cable/phone/ bank with East Lyme address - *these 2 statements can only be used for as one proof
  • Current East Lyme Town tax bill
  • Current car/vehicle registration or car/home/renters insurance with East Lyme address
  • Current pay stub/letter from employer with current East Lyme address
  • Current proof of government benefits (disability, Medicare, Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program, SNAP) or other government correspondence showing an address. and o Completed Statement of Residency

Click to download Statement of Residency form.