Technology Planning

The Technology Council

ELPS is committed to providing the financial and human resources, professional development, and infrastructure required to support the integration of technology in the curriculum and the attainment of 21st century skills. The district technology council members represent all facets of the school community including educators at all grade levels, administrators, and building-based technology consultants.

This council meets bi-monthly during the school year. Each June, a meeting schedule for the following year will be developed. Technology council members aided in the development of the district tech plan revision by providing input and feedback based upon their role in the district and unique expertise.

Infrastructure Goals:

  • We will ensure that technology purchases align with building and district goals to improve student achievement
  • We will assess implementation of technology resources and equipment to ensure equity across all grade levels and disciplines
  • We will document maintenance records and up to date inventory of technology resources
  • Decisions that affect district users will be made collaboratively and be informed by the district technology plan

Computer Workstation Replacement Goals Reached:

  • Replaced 1/5 of fleet at all sites each year
  • Prioritized replacement of lab and high-usage computers (example office machines)
  • Prioritized replacement of workstations used to run emergent technologies with high system requirements
  • Re-deployed machines that are still functional to lower usage areas and dispose of oldest, most obsolete machines
  • Identified workstations for replacement based upon criteria (student use, age, maintenance record, obsolescence, capacity to be upgraded)

Smart Boards and Projectors

Systematically deployed smart boards and projectors to provide equitable access to projection devices and Smart Board technology for students at all grade levels across the district. Budgeted for maintenance of these items.