Safe School Climate Plan

East Lyme Schools are committed to providing an environment that supports learning. The district responds to bullying and harassment complaints comprehensively and in a timely manner. We have included on this page direct access to the processes and documentation regarding bullying and harassment.

Bullying/Safe School Climate Plans

The district documents proactive strategies within the School Climate Plan of each school.

Entire Safe School Climate Plan (BOE approved 5/15/12)

Safe School Climate Plans

Each School in the district maintains a Safe School Climate Plan. Each plan contains proactive strategies, professional development, and data collection systems to promote positive school climate. Plans are reviewed annually with climate survey data.

East Lyme High School

East Lyme Middle School

Flanders School

Lillie B. Haynes School

Niantic Center School


Safe School Climate Specialists and Coordinator

In 2012, state legislation mandated the creation of school Climate Specialists. The responsibilities of the specialist is to maintain the school bullying documentation and to oversee and/or conduct all investigations of bullying. The school climate specialists and the district Safe School Coordinator annually review data regarding school climate and bullying. The Safe School Climate Specialists and Coordinator are listed below.


District Coordinator Amy Drowne 860-739-3966
High School Laurie Zaneski 860-739-6946
Middle School Jen Frost  860-739-4491
Flanders School Linda Anania 860-739-8475
Lillie B. Haynes School Melissa Deloreto 860-739-2922
Niantic Center School Jeffrey Provost 860-739-3961



Board of Education Policies

The East Lyme School district has specific policies prohibiting bullying and harassment within our school community:

Bullying - Policy 5131.9

Cyberbullying - Policy 5131.913

Sexual Harassment - Policy 5145.5

Sexual Harassment - Regulation 5145.5

Suspect your child is being bullied?

If you suspect that your child is being bullied, you may contact any administrator in the appropriate building or Christopher Olsen, ELPS Director of Security.

Administration Contact Information

Christopher Olsen, Director of Security
860-739-6946 Ext. 2533

Anonymous Tip Line:
860-739-6946 Ext. 4357 (HELP)

To report an incidence of bullying, click here
What should I expect when I file a complaint?

Every bullying complaint will be investigated within 48 hours of the filing.

Every complaint of bullying will be deemed to be or not to be a verified act of bullying.

Confidentiality will be maintained regarding student consequences.

Anonymous Report:

Anonymous complaints will not result in disciplinary consequences. (See BOE Policy 5131.9)

Harassment and Title IX Complaints

Information on Title IX

If you have questions regarding harassment or Title IX concerns, or if you would like to file a harassment complaint you may contact your school principal or the Assistant Superintendent of Schools at 860-739-3966.

Kimberly Davis
Director of Student Services
Title IX Coordinator
860-739-3966 ext. 5609

Section 504/ADA

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 ("Section 504") and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("Title II" or "ADA") (Collectively, "Section 504/ADA"), prohibit discrimination of the basis of disability.

The Section 504/ADA Coordinator:
Kimberly Davis
Director of Student Services
Section 504/ADA Coordinator
860-739-3966 ext. 5609


Several organizations offer helpful information in this area. We encourage you to explore any of the following resources:

Resource/Informational Links:


The Ophelia Project

The Connecticut State Department of Education

Bullying U.S. Government site