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Connecticut Travel Health Form

Connecticut Travel Health Form

To control the spread of COVID-19 in Connecticut, all travelers and Connecticut residents who have spent 24 hours or longer in one of the Affected States within 14 days prior to arriving in Connecticut and who are staying in Connecticut for more than 24 hours are required to (1) complete the “Connecticut Travel Health Form” and (2) selfquarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of last contact with such Affected State, for any portion of such 14 day period they spend in Connecticut, or for the duration of such travelers’ stay in Connecticut, whichever is shorter, unless a traveler is exempt from the requirement to self-quarantine by virtue of an inability to self-quarantine coupled with a negative COVID-19 test result from the last 72 hours or by virtue of being an Essential Worker

Brown and Brown Insurance

Brown & Brown has announced the creation of the “Brown & Brown Relief Center”. This a resource available to any of our clients, as well as their current, former or furloughed employees. The Relief Center provides access to products and services at a discount during this difficult time, including:

a.      Health and behavioral services
b.      Family care and child learning
c.      Pet care
d.      Home and home office discounts
e.      Food and food delivery services
f.       General household and office supplies

The Relief Center can be accessed here:

Brown and Brown has spoken with the State Partnership Plan, and they’ve confirmed that they are following suit with many of the other traditional insurance carriers in the marketplace and they will be covering both testing and treatment related to COVID-19 in and out of network, at no cost-share to members.

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