Central Office Staff Directory

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Karen Armstrong

Administrative Assistant in Transportation

Debby Blinn

Administrative Assistant for Facilities & Technology

Lynn Bodnar

Executive Secretary to Superintendent

Stacie Brodeur

Copy Clerk

Cynthia Campbell

Student Service Secretary Asst. DistrictWide Secretary Test Coordinator

Kimberly Davis

Director of Student Services

Amy Drowne

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Cheryl Felix

Special Education Coordinator

Kyle Foley

Grounds/Maintenance Helper

James Gravell

Maintainer 2

Kirby Hallissey

Payroll Coordinator

Patricia Hesney

Administrative Assistant for the Director of Student Services

Sheldon (Ted) Hunt

Facility Supervisor

Joe Kaiser

Maintainer 1

Christina Kluge

HR Coordinator

Patricia Lannon

Director of Information Technology and IT PD

Jeanne LeBlanc

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance

Peter Levanti

Grounds/Maintenance Helper

Anne McCarthy-Coleman

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Stacey Muscarella

Information Technology Analyst

Jeffrey Newton

Superintendent of Schools

Leigh Reinhart

Executive Secretary to Assistant Superintendent