We are currently in the sixth year of the Connections program at East Lyme Middle School. Connections is an advisory program aimed at fostering a sense of belonging for each student at the middle school and providing an opportunity to connect and interact with adults and peers in a way that they may not otherwise.

The Connections groups are small- 11-13 students per adult- allowing the students a chance to get to know each other and giving them opportunities to voice their opinions and ideas in a small group setting. Hopefully, each student will also connect with an adult in the building that they can feel comfortable with.

The groups meet 2 times per month for 30 minutes where they complete lessons and activities related to a school-wide monthly theme. Activities are meant to be fun and hands-on, while still having meaning for the students in their daily life. Because the monthly themes are school-wide, all teachers can also tie them into classroom curriculum, current events, and daily discussions with students.

Monthly Themes

September- Team Building

October- Responsibility

November- Community

December- Wellness

January- Goal-Setting

February- Acceptance

March- Cooperation

April- Leadership/Citizenship

May- Friendship/Closure