One way East Lyme Middle School believes in supporting students is through participation in an advisory program. Advisory programs have been shown to: 

  • Help students grow emotionally and socially
  • Contribute to a positive school climate
  • Enhance student-teacher relationships
  • Promote mutually respectful relationships with peers
  • Improve students’ decision-making and communication skills
  • Create a sense of belonging to school
  • Improve student learning

(Breaking Ranks in The Middle, 2006)

 Advisory groups of 10-12 students per adult meet twice per month.​ In advisory, students take part in activities based on a school-wide monthly theme that promotes social- emotional learning in the CASEL competencies of Self- Management, Social Awareness, Self- Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making and Relationship Skills. ​

Be sure to read about what our students are learning in advisory in our bi-monthly counseling newsletters.