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Social Studies Units of Study:

Students will participate in the following units of study in Social Studies this year:

Map Skills:

  • Five themes of Geography
  • Reading/Interpreting Maps


  • Debate responsible exploration
  • Interaction between explorers with the native people
  • Motivations for exploring
  • Complications associated with exploring
  • Impact of expeditions
  • World Geography


  • Reasons that colonists left their homelands
  • Colonization was risky
  • Cohabitation with other cultures
  • Impact of climate and geography on colonization

Revolutionary War

  • Tensions between the colonists and Great Britain
  • Loyalists and Patriots
  • Declaring independence
  • Significant battles
  • Independence at various levels


  • Responsibilities of the three branches of government
  • Constitution
  • The United States Government
  • Political process


Science Unit of Study:Structure and Properties of Matter

Links for in class research: