Ms. Hyland's Social Studies Class


Free Online games to learn the states

Schoolhouse Rocks -- the Preamble 


(including geography and current events)
U.S. Constitution
Universals of Culture 

Regular Homework: example

Most weeks homework is handed out on Thursday and due the following Thursday.
Select a non-fiction book, read 20 minutes throughout the week, and fill in the assignment about the book.
Generic homework assignment  attached here:  HW#5

Current Events:



project examples #1, #2, #3, #4

Select an article, print it, and bring it into class on the assigned due date. These websites are helpful for students: and
In class students will write a summary and create an opinion.
Prepare a project to share with a small group of students on the assigned due date. Include the 5Ws and H.
Be creative!
Do not spend money! Check with me for supplies I have a school.
Some ideas: board game, diorama, puppets, build something, poster with some special effect (like 3-d)--Poster with only print-outs from the computer is not acceptable.

Current Event Due Dates (subject to change)

                                                  article due                                                    project due/sharing in class
October                                   4th                                                                    11th
November                             Oct 25th                                                            Nov 11 th
December                             Nov 29                                                               Dec 6
January                                   TBD                                                                      TBD
February                                 TBD                                                                       TBD 
March                                     TBD                                                                       TBD 
April                                        TBD                                                                       TBD 
May                                         TBD                                                                       TBD 


Summary writing:

graphic organizer for 5Ws and H$2.00 summaryexample


classroom guidelinesstepsnote taking

Argument Writing:

Double-Stuff Your Argument Writing

Example:  article and model

Useful and fun social studies websites: (current events - you can select the reading level) (current events) (to practice for our Geo Bee at the beginning of January) (typing test)
Dance Mat Typing (to practice typing -- remember to keep all your fingers on the keyboard!)