Mrs. Mazzella's Home Page

Hello Sea Dogs! Welcome to the language arts web page.   

Hello Sea Dog Parents!

I am honored to once again be a part of your child’s middle school learning experience.  I have spent many years in the teaching profession beginning in at Niantic Center School in 2000, then transferring to ELMS in 2010. I love teaching Language Arts, focusing on comprehension and communication skills.  Students in my class participate in a variety of instructional settings provided by myself and my co-teacher, Mr. Alaimo.  Throughout the year we will provide necessary review and challenges to help your child develop new understandings at a comfortable, yet challenging pace.  Flexible grouping within my class helps to provide all students with the differentiated instruction required to meet each child’s individual needs.


My class incorporates the philosophy that, “It is not the destination, but rather the journey that matters.”  As such, there will be several process-writing projects that help explore various reading, and writing (personal narrative, argument, and informational) objectives. We will accomplish this through both class time and work at home.  Technology will be used used in school and at home through web searches and word-processing, as well as reading and grammar programs for homework.  As such, please be mindful that parents are asked to be involved partners in their child’s education and that homework will be vital part of all successful students. This sometimes means bringing your child back to school to collect forgotten classwork, or taking him/her to the library to use the computers.


Our first project is the Book in the Bag Project.  This is due Sept. 25th.