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Students will discover how the Earth gets its seasons and why there are moon phases.  In the Physical Sciences, we'll examine Matter, (intro to chemistry topics), the cycling of energy through plants and water. Students are also introduced to Ecosystems, with a special look at the hatching and fledging of a very rare seabird species that was listed as extinct for over 350 years. 

In the Spring, students take the statewide 5th Grade NGSS Science Test.



Spaceship earth:  Seasons, moon

Reasons for the Seasons videos (link and

Milankovitch Theory -- Climate Change--- earth's wobble leads to ice ages and warm periods (compare your answer to Question 2In our Discussion

Exit Tickets/Quizzes

Brief checks on your understanding of what's been covered in class.  To complete, click on the numbered link BELOW or scan the QR code of most recent date, below.

  1. Oct 3 Ticket   or  Scan with phone: 


Flex Focus: Science vocabulary and procedures

Flex Science

Focusing on science vocabulary and implementation of the terms through hands-on lab activities:

Current vocab:   Compare/Contrast;  Qualitative/Quantitative; observation/inference

6th Grade Welcome/Expectations letter

6th Grade Welcome/Expectations letter


temperature, water vapor, Coriolis Effect, Storm surge, Tradewinds, Cloud, Prevailing Westerlies, Sahara Desert, 82 deg F., Red Cross, Tropical Depression, Thunderstorm, FEMA, Raindrops, Satellite, Emergency Shelter, Condensation, Hurricane Season, Miss Piggy, Tropical Storm, High Pressure, Evacuation, Dust, Typhoon, Eye, Barometer, Evaporation, Safir-Simpson Scale, Low Pressure, Ocean, Landfall


The basics of matter, learned in 5th grade, provide a foundation the exploration of Weather and the Water Cycle. Of course, Energy is Potential(ly) Kinetic with Gravity, the force to be reckoned with in our look at galaxies and solar systems , da  Ecology and Ecosystems

CER - Predicting weather

Last CER of the year.  Use your journal notes from Weather Unit to predict and explain weather forecast for a city of choice.  Thursday, May 16, is start date (See weather map below to be used for your prediction of Saturday's weather.  while you may be able to check the weather forecast online, instead, challenge yourself to use the evidence shown on this map (see below) to make your prediction.  Regardless, the essential part of this assignment is the scientific explanation for why the weather will be what you predict.  Fronts, High/Low pressure systems, types of weather, air masses, etc.--use your journal, weather links on this page, and other info online to refresh your understanding of weather.  Bonus points if done well and submitted early. 

Assignment sheet (new/improved!) Due Wed, 5/22

  1. Weather Map, Thur, 5/16 Baseline for 2-day prediction
  2. CER Framed Paragraph writing starter ("Weather" edition)
  3. CER Rubric -- See "Science Essentials" in middle column

LIS PSA video

Completion of project to resume 5/20-5/25

  1. Long Island Sound (LIS) PSA video project
  2. LIS PSA Rubric


  1. New!  NASA videos on Electromagnetic Spectrum and its parts. (use for EM Comic Hero project)
  2. Online Tone Generator
  3. Frequency Shaper (video)
  4. Frequency animation
  5. Wavelength animation
  6. Wave on a String Simulator

Waves handouts--Resources

  1. Soundproof Box project -- due 1/31
  2. Soundproof Box rubric -- Include a paragraph on your research in preparing your design (what you learned about sound properties), and a summary of the steps/variables used in developing your final design.
  3. Soundproof Box research: What happens when you change the material through which the sound travels? Find answer here.
  4. Wave Machine, pt 1 worksheet (on p 3-4)
  5. Wave Machine, pt 2 worksheet
  6. What Causes Waves Lab worksheet
  7. Measuring Sound - Decibels worksheet
  8. Calculating Wave Energy ( assignment)
  9. New! EM Comic Hero Project Is HERE
  10. EM Comic Project Rubric --- use as guide (available 3/28)

Weather Handouts-Resources

  1. Air Masses and Fronts handout
  2. Air Masses and Fronts Study Notes
  3. Weather Fronts reading
  4. Weather Glossary
  5. Weather Fronts Song (good study tool!)
  6. El Niño Explained
  7. Interactive Weather Map (Use Map settings to show fronts, temp, and radar (rain/snow)
  8. Global Winds video
  9. Ocean Density article
  10. Ocean Currents article
  11. NOAA Ocean Currents self-guided 
  12. Weather Forecasting Assignment website
  13. Is the DEAD SEA Really Dead? (video)


-----  Discussion Board  -----




  1. Six Tools used for Forecasting Weather
  2. Weather Sensors (click on the sensor names)
  3. Weather Forecasting tools
  4. How are weather forecasts made? video
  5. How to Use Clouds to Predict Weather video
  6. How do we know hurricanes are coming? video
  7. Flying Through a Hurricane video
  8. History of Barometer
  9. Early Warning System


  1. How a Hurricane is Born
  2. How a Hurricane Forms video
  3. Flying at 200 ft through a Cat 5! video
  4. Can You Stop a Hurricane? video
  5. A Katrina Survivor Family's story
  6. Hurricanes and Twisters Song (YouTube)
  7. The Worst Places for Hurricanes
  8. Things to Consider When Rebuilding
  9. Build a Flood Wall?
  10. Science of Hurricane Hunters