Seadogs Homework and News

Oct 18 (thursday is an a-1 day)

Homework:Language Arts (LA) 

  • Complete Diary summaries for Chapters Read

    Novel Quiz Monday

    Read Novel

    Dog  Jokes -11, 12

    Stargirl : 12-15

    Terabithia- 8

    Maniac: 13-16

    Loser: 11-13

Social Studies (SS) 

  • None!


  • Add/Subtract mixed numbers word problems


  • Bring in a small plastic bottle (12 to 16 oz-size)
  • Play kahoot!  Enter pin 0992181; (Must download the app in order to play; not required to sign up. 

Link to Ms. Hyland's Social Studies Page

Link to Mr. PenkoffLidbeck's Science Page