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Multiplication Facts

Knowing your math facts are SUPER important! Practice your math facts using Math Facts Pro. Students do not need to create an account, however, if you do create a free account, you can track your growth over time! Follow the link below to get started!

Math Facts Pro

If you want to print out some drills to do at home you can click on the following link. A good goal is to be able to do 70 multiplication facts in two minutes without skipping any.


Math Facts Drill Worksheets.

Math Challenges is a great website that has challenging geometry puzzles. Check it out and give it a try. Make sure you let Mr. Allen know how far you can get!

Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) is a great website to test your skills and learn some new ones! You can track your progress and practice your skills by getting a free account! Get started by creating a free account!

Art of Poblem Solving


Mr. Allen's YouTube Channel

Mr. Allen's YouTube Channel

Copy and past the link below to get to Mr. Allen's YouTube channel.

The goal of this YouTube channel is to help students AND parents understand the math that gets taught in class. DON'T use this channel to memorize methods, tricks, or answers. Try to understand what is going on by following along and intentionally engaging in the videos you watch! If you are a student or parent watching these videos I recommend you do several things!


1. Try solving the math problems before watching a video for help. (Pause and write down problems!)


2. Pause and rewind the video as many times as you need. You can't do this in class, in real life (as awesome as that would be!) so take advantage of that here! You can adjust the speed and volume as well!


3. Take notes and write down any questions you have! If you understand something from a video, write it down! Explain it in your own words to help you remind yourself later! If you have any questions write them down or email Mr. Allen directly! I hope these videos help.


I welcome any feedback or requests!


-Mr. A


Contact Mr. Allen

Math Practice

Study Island is the website we will use the most in class. Mr. Allen will give specific assignments that you can complete multiple times. You will get instant feedback on how you are doing and Mr. Allen will also get to see your progress. When completing an assignment multiple times the questions will be different and you can increase your overall percentage. You can also print out worksheets, watch lessons, and send Mr. Allen a message. Click the link below to get to the log-in page!


Study Island is a great website to practice specific math topics. Click the link below to go to their website and choose what topic you would like to practice!


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