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Homework for December 12, C Day


INFINITE CAMPUS IS YOUR FRIEND.  Your children are acclimating nicely to the team, and we will be moving out of the "orientation" portion of September soon.  Therefore, we want to take a minute to remind you of how useful Infinite Campus is.  PLEASE BE SURE TO REGISTER FOR EMAIL COMMUNICATION VIA INFINITE CAMPUS.  Infinite Campus is not just about "checking your child's grades".  This tool also allows teachers to send detailed communications to families pertaining to classroom learning, and in some cases like Mrs. Kuvalanka's classes, it allows you to access resources via your child's account.  If you do not register for Infinite Campus emails, you will miss valuable team announcements and classroom information.  If you need assistance registering, please contact Jennifer Berchielli at ELMS (860-739-4491).

 LA Grade 5:

Read 20 minutes

DPE week 8 Monday

Spelling page 38 Unit 5

LA Grade 6:

Read 30 minutes

DPE week 8 Monday

Spelling page 38 Unit 5

Lost your Reading Log for LA?  Print one here:



5th: : study guide due this Friday. Unit test is THIS Friday

6th:  : study guide due this Friday. Unit test is THIS Friday

Social StudiesNone

CALLING MARINER MUSICIANS:  See email sent via Infinite Campus regarding video performances of student instrumental pieces for social studies mindfulness "sessions".

Students are advised to bring personal headphones or earbuds to school as a way ensure that they have the option to view any video learning resources.  Both text and video resources will be available (not of the same resource), but if a child wants to select a video from which to take notes, he/she will need to have a listening device.  ELMS does not have enough in the school, so many students bring their own.  Some choose to do so for hygienic reasons as well:)

Personal devices in social studies:  As the SS Technology Expectations outlines, students are allowed to use personal devices to listen to music from time to time while conducting research.  Many students have expressed that listening to music increases their productivity and enjoyment while learning, so as long as the device is used solely for music, the student has headphones, and parents allow the child to bring said device to school, it is allowed at times in class.

Science: Blocks 1, 2, & 3-- Finish nitrogen cycle worksheet