Student Expectations and PE Attire




Student Expectations in Physical Education
  • Students will be on time for class (dressed into their PE clothes and in the gym 3 minutes after the start of the period).
  • Students will change into PE attire and athletic sneakers for every PE class.
  • Students are responsible for locking their locker in the locker room and to secure their belongings before, during and after class.
  • Students are expected to participate with 100% effort every class.
  • Students will perform all parts of the warm-up activities at the beginning of each class.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate physical education competencies of the skills being taught in class.
  • Students will respect their environment by using equipment only when instructed to and in the manner in which the equipment is intended to be used.
  • Students will respect their fellow students by working cooperatively with partners and other group members.


Physical Education Attire

ELMS t-shirts and shorts are available for purchase from the main office during the summer and from the Physical Education Department throughout the school year.



Shorts Available
Maroon or Black



T-shirts Available
Maroon or Black


Gym Lockers

All students use a school issued lock in the locker room. Lockers are assigned to student for the year. Personal items should be locked in gym lockers.