Physical Education

Team Contact Information

Josh Sheppard

Titles: Physical Education Teacher
Departments: Physical Education/Health

Effective Physical Education programs are an integral part of every student's formal education. The five through eight course of study at East Lyme Middle School is a planned and sequential progression of learning experiences, which contribute to the total developmental needs of each child.

The mission of the East Lyme Middle School Physical Education Program is to provide students, in a progressive and developmentally appropriate manner, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for living active, fit and healthy lives. Ultimately it is our goal that our students are prepared to be productive members of society who take lifelong personal responsibility for engaging in health-related physical activity, not only because it is good for the body but also because they know how intrinsically rewarding it is to move in ways they enjoy.

  • Provides planned, sequential physical education curricula for all grades that encourage enjoyable, lifelong physical activity. These curricula emphasize settings and activity parameters for lifetime activity.
  • Is based on the state physical education content standards and the SHAPE America national content standards for physical education, designed to develop the physical, cognitive, and affective domains in children.
  • Promotes enjoyable participation by using active learning strategies; developing students' knowledge, confidence, motor skills, and behavioral skills; and providing opportunities for regular physical activity.
  • Promotes responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.