General Music


Mrs. Ciccone, Ms. Carlson

Mr. McCune, Mrs. Rigdon,

Welcome to the ELMS General Music Department! Any student who does not wish to be in one of the three performing ensembles - Band, Choir and Orchestra - participates in general music. The information below explains the curriculum and expectations for each grade level's course. Feel free to contact your child's teacher with any comments and questions.


Welcome to General Music at ELMS

We are located in room 105 which is the music keyboarding lab . These are the activities you can look forward to doing in General Music this year:

Grade Five - Full Year Course

Music Theory and Beginning Keyboarding Level One

Ukulele Ensemble to be piloted 2017-2018 year

Classical Music and Composers

Grade Six - Full Year Course

World Music Drumming

Music Theory and Keyboarding Level Two

Introduction to Garage Band Composition Program

Grade Seven - Half Year Course

Introduction to Guitar

Music Theory and Keyboarding Level Three

Garage Band Composition Program Level Two

Grade Eight - Half Year Course

Continuation of Guitar

Music Theory and Keyboarding Level Four

Garage Band Composition Program Level Three

Materials needed for class:

Students are expected to come to class prepared with a pencil. A folder is provided.

Homework will be assigned as necessary to reinforce skills covered in class and is expected to be turned in the following class.

Class participation is essential towards a successful general music experience. The bulk of a student's grade is earned in the classroom.

Grading is based on the following:

Class participation

Written notes, logs, projects, quizzes and tests

Prompt arrival and preparedness for class

A positive attitude and willingness to contribute to class