Life Skills Grade 8

Life Skills

Course of Studies

Grade 8

Description of the Course:

Students in grade 8 will receive instruction in the following areas of life skills: drug abuse awareness, careers, and clothing and textiles.

Purpose of the Course:

The grade eight drug awareness curriculum takes a deeper look into the negative affects of alcohol. The abuse of alcohol has a significant impact, not only on the person who is addicted, but on all family members. In this unit, students will examine the impact that alcohol has on the addicted person and other family members. Students will look at the roles that people can adopt as coping mechanisms when dealing with this disease. In addition, students will explore risk factors associated with addiction, and how the use of a drug can lead to abuse and become an addiction.

Grade eight is the time to “pull it all together” with the student’s career portfolios. Students will look at Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences, their future dreams and will also update all the information in their career portfolios reflecting interest changes. At the end of the session, the career portfolios will be ready to move on with the students to the high school.

In the final part of the course, using student designed tie-dye fabric, students will create a simple sewing project utilizing the sewing machine.

Goals or Expectancies Addressed:

  1. Students will use creative and critical thinking skills.
  2. Students will demonstrate successful life management and career development.
  3. Students will appreciate human worth and accept responsibility for one’s actions.

Student Resources:

  1. Course Overview
  2. Risk Factors
  3. Use/Abuse/Addiction Continuum
  4. Teen Gambling
  5. Silhouttes Worksheet: Front and Back
  6. Vocabulary
  7. Notes on Alcohol Unit: Front and Back
  8. 20 Dreams Sheet