Life Skills Grade 7

Life Skills

Course of Studies

Grade 7

Description of the Course:

Students in grade seven will receive instruction in the following areas of life skills: independent living skills, careers, clothing and textiles and drug abuse awareness.

Purpose of the Course:

The grade 7 drug awareness curriculum requires students to complete a research project on a commonly abused drug. They will write a persuasive letter to a fictitious friend telling him/her why he/she should not try the drug. Students will also learn basic hand sewing techniques considered “survival skills”. They will accomplish this by constructing a small hand-sewing project. Our third year of exploring careers has students investigating careers that might be of interest to them. They will have an opportunity to research several careers using the internet program. In addition, students will learn about their personality types using the Murphy-Meisgeier Personality Indicator. Finally, a variety of emotions that are commonly experienced each day will be discussed so students will expand their vocabulary of “emotion” words.

Goals or Expectancies Addressed:

  1. Students will strengthen the well being of individuals and family.
  2. Students will use critical and creative thinking skills.
  3. Students will demonstrate successful life management and career development.
  4. Students will appreciate human worth and accept responsibility for one’s actions.

Student Resources

Drug Unit

  1. Drug Topics
  2. Writing Assignment/ Parent Signature Sheet
  3. Rubric for the Letter
  4. Content of Letter
  5. Works Cited