Life Skills Grade 5

Life Skills

Course of Studies

Grade 5

Description of the Course:

Students in grade 5 will receive instruction in the following areas of life skills: independent living skills, drug abuse awareness, and foods and nutrition.

Purpose of the Course:

Fifth grade life skills offers an introduction to independent living skills and drug education. These units will be addressed at all four grade levels of the middle school. Using the D.A.R.E. curriculum and community experts, students will explore the negative effects that abusing drugs has on a healthy lifestyle. Topics to be covered include: conflict resolution, friendship, peer pressure and decision making skills. Students will explore the principles of: basic food preparation and terminology, baking, interpreting recipes, kitchen safety and sanitation. Curriculum in this area is based on the Connecticut State Performance Standards and Competencies in Nutrition and Food Preparation.

Goals or Expectancies Addressed:

  1. Students will become responsible citizens and leaders in family and community settings.
  2. Students will promote optimal nutrition and wellness.
  3. Students will demonstrate successful life management.
  4. Students will appreciate human worth and accept responsibility for one’s actions.