Ms. Boucher's Social Studies Class


“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

~ George Washington Carver


Find Geography Coordinates

Type in name of state (or other location) to get latitude & longitude coordinates at

World Maps

If you want to print out maps, check out:

For world geography games, try

For quizzing yourself on different maps in the world, check out

Longitude & Latitude online game:

Latin America Map Games & Other Info:


Country Studies

CIA World Fact Book:

CultureGrams: shows country information, as well as state and province information

If you are accessing this from home, click on then enter username and password, then click on "My products". Then you will choose CultureGram.

Fodor's: shows tourist attractions and other information about the country you are studying.

Lonely Planet: shows tourist attracts and other activities for traveling to a country.


General Research Sites

Easy Bib for help with bibliography citation. Choose MLA citation.

ELMS Library Guide Page

Local Newspaper:


World Book Encyclopedia: You need username and password to access this; see Tech Resources page for online subscriptions . This is considered a reference source.

SIRS & iConn are databases and the passwords are noted on the Tech Resources pages under online subscriptions.

State Maps

When studying the 50 states, you need to be able to spell them correctly. See below for helpful links.

If you are looking for a blank map of the United States, click here:

Here are state study game links: This has a state map quiz and one for capitals as well.

There are also free state map apps for your phone, iPad, or iPod. Make sure to get approval from your parents if needed.


Social Media Project

Go to this page & download the editable Wikipedia file. You may need to create a text box for each section in order to type into the form. Read your instruction sheet for other details connected with the project.

Interesting Links

Gender Statistics in the Media (video)

Imperial History of the Middle East

Peace Poster Contest

Sweet Search (search engine for students)


Instructions for checking out an ebook

  • Go to Library Media Center 
  • Click on “FollettShelf” tab on top right side of page
  • In search bar, type in search words for the ebook you are interested in.
  • Click on the picture of book you are interested in.
  • If you decide you want to check out the book and read it, look for icon “i”, click on this for more information and a new pop up window appears. Then click on “check out” button.

NOTE: if you changed your password this year or are a new student, you may not be able to access Destiny. If this is the case, please talk to your teacher.