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Book Exchange

Book Exchange Policy

All kindergarten through 4th grade classes visit the Library Media Center once each week for class and book exchange. Library books are checked out during class and are due the following week.

The number of books a student may have out at one time varies by grade level:

Kindergarten - 1 book

First grade - 1 book

Second grade - 2 books

Third grade - 3 books

Fourth grade - 4 books

Destiny and Library Resources

Welcome to the Library

The East Lyme Public School’s Library Media program is designed to ensure that all students and staff are effective and ethical users of ideas and information. This mission is accomplished by:

  • providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats.
  • providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas, through print and multi -media technology.
  • working with other education professionals to design learning strategies and create lesson plans to meet the diverse needs of all students.
  • nurturing 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation, as well as cross disciplinary thinking and applications.

The library media program provides a foundation to support students and staff in continuing their efforts as life-long learners who have a thirst for knowledge and a love of reading as an integral part of their lives.

Stephanie Labelle

Library Media Specialist

Kathy Keller

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