Integrated Preschool

Play is a child's work.

Integrated Preschool Open House
March 2, 2018
Location:  Lillie B. Haynes School / Room 14

The East Lyme Integrated Preschool Program is a district program located at Lillie B. Haynes Elementary School. It serves children ages three to five years of age from East Lyme with special needs and their typically developing peers.

Play is a child's work. The program philosophy is that children learn best through active participation in a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences. It is essential that these experiences be provided in a safe environment staffed by adults who are sensitive and responsive to children's needs. The program uses a reverse mainstream model, which allows for an integrated education, and benefits both children with and without special needs. This inclusive education provides an opportunity to build friendships, social interaction, and teaches all children to understand and accept human differences. The program is a language-enriched program that adheres to the standards of the Preschool Curricular Goals and Benchmarks developed by the State Department of Education.

The East Lyme Integrated Preschool follows the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards.  Our overall goal is to foster competent learners.  We strive to provide early learning experiences that allow children to:

  • Be creative
  • Be inquitsitive
  • Be flexible
  • Be critical thinkers
  • Be social learners
  • Be purposeful and reflective

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Cynthia Campbell

Student Service Secretary Asst. DistrictWide Secretary Test Coordinator

Jessica Charron

Instructional Aide

Kimberly Davis

Director of Student Services

Michelle Gada


Heidi Grant

Speech Pathologist

Rosaria Juska

Instructional Aide

Dawn Lemay


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Lisa McDowell

Instructional Aide

Leslie Moffett