All students must pass the following required courses (or the equivalent thereof) plus sufficient electives to total the credits necessary for graduation:
English: 4.0 credits
Social Studies: 3.5 credits
1.0 must be in World History;
1.0 must be in U.S. in the 20th Century World;
.5 must be in American Studies and
.5 must be in American Civics
Science: 3.0 credits
○ Mathematics: 3.0 credits
World Studies: 2.0 credits*
*World Language courses, will include sign language, if offered. 
Health/Physical Education: 1.5 credits
○ Arts/Vocational Education: 1.0 credits
Fine Arts: .5 credit
Vocational Education: .5 credit
Includes all Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Career Education and Fine Arts Courses. Theater Appreciation, Speech Communication, Film or computer courses do not satisfy the Arts requirement.
Electives: 7.0 credits
Total Credits Required for Graduation: 25
Summer Reading Requirement: Yes
Technology Competency: Yes
Prior to graduation, students must complete all 21 goals of the ELPS Student Technology Competencies as described in the Program of Studies booklet. Information is also available in the Team Offices. 

Students graduating must also demonstrate successful mastery of ELHS Performance Standards. Students fulfill this requirement by either:
Achieving a score of 500 or above on critical reading and math sections of SAT1 test or an ACT score of 21
Successfully exhibiting an individual student portfolio of subject area work in their senior year.