Clubs and Activities

Activity Advisor
Angels Club (raise money for local families in need) Ms. Buckley
Animal Welfare Action Group Mrs. Downing
Bermuda Bio Station **Ms. Buckley
Best Buddies Mrs. Provost & Mrs. Thompson
Brass and Wood Quintet Ms. Johnston
Chamber Singers Mr. Maiese
Chess Club Mr. Guinez
Chikumbuso Mrs. Saglio
Courtyard Gardening Club Mrs. Trusler
Creative Writing Club/Omnibus Ms. Barber
DECA Club (Business) Mr. Manifold
Diversity Team Mrs. Lorince
Drama Club Mr. Place & Mr. Nazzaro
Drawing Club Mrs. Konesky
Ecology Club Ms. Ashburn
Fine Arts Magazine Mrs. Michaud
Freshman Senate Ms. Kosswig & Ms. Jennings
Full Senate Ms. Jenkins & Mr. Reed
Global Issues Club Mr. LaConti
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Ms. Johnston
Habitat for Humanity Ms. Miller
Hiking Vikings Adventure Club Mr. Nazzaro & Mr. Kotzan
International Club Mrs. Carney-Brush
Jazz Band Ms. Johnston
Junior Senate Ms. Kelly & Ms. Maiese
Key Club (Service) Mrs. Downing
Library Student Advisory Board Mrs. Sasso
Maker Club Mrs. Sasso
Marching Band Ms. Scott
Math League Team Ms. Johansen
Med Club (activities involving Health Sciences) Mr. Kotzan
Movie Club Mr. O'Grady
National French Honor Society Ms. Casey & Ms. Izadi
National Honor Society Mr. Kydd
Peers Reaching Out (PRO) Ms. Ramaccia
Personal Finance Club Mrs. Sasso
Ping Pong Club Mr. O'Grady & Mr. Guinez
Science Olympians Club (model building, e.g. robot arms; labs, e.g. forensic science, chemistry, fossil identification, anatomy, astronomy) Ms. Mickle
Senior Senate Mrs. Carace & Mrs. Carney-Brush
Service Club (connected with the Rotary Club of Niantic and Rotary International) Ms. Meier
Sophomore Senate Ms. Barnes & Mrs. Provost
Spanish Honor Society Mrs. Barry
Student Advisory Club (service club) Mr. McDowell
Student Athlete Mentor Club Mr. Biggs
Student-Run Acapella Groups (Trebled Water, Sweet Harmony & Rockapella) Mr. Maise
The Viking Saga Mr. Beale
UNICEF Club Ms. Kargusang
Valhalla Yearbook **Ms. Redding

**These activities have curriculum requirements