For any absence from or tardy to school, a parent/guardian must call the attendance office. Dial 860-739-6946, press #1 for attendance. Leave your name, the student’s name and grade, and the reason for the absence or tardy. Also, please leave a number where you can be reached to verify the phone call.


Students should bring a note for a dismissal to the attendance office at the start of the school day and pick up a dismissal pass. The note should include the date, the reason and time for the dismissal, and should be signed by the parent.

In an emergency situation a parent/guardian may call the attendance office to dismiss a student. Please understand that if you call to dismiss your student we will need time to find and call the student to the attendance office to sign out.


Please click and navigate to page 20 for ELHS attendance policy information.

The East Lyme Board of Education has adopted an Attendance, Truancy, And Chronic Absenteeism policy (BOE Policy 5110) in accordance with state law and the Connecticut State Department of Education guidelines and definitions.

For more information on chronic absenteeism, click on the following link: Connecticut Department of Education Chronic Absence.

For more information on truancy, click on the following link: Connecticut Department of Education Truancy.

The East Lyme School district uses Infinite Campus as an attendance platform for following state attendance guidelines.

Attendance letters are automatically generated once a student reaches 7, 12, or 18 absences, regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused. A meeting with an ELHS Administrator will be required if a student reaches 18 absences.


To receive credit for a course, students must earn a passing grade and adhere to the following:

1. Credit for a year-long course (1 credit) will be withheld when a student exceeds 12 absences. Credit for a semester course (1/2 credit) will be withheld when a student exceeds 6 absences. Course credit withheld for excessive absences WILL NOT be awarded toward graduation.

2. Student families will be sent attendance letters following the 4th absence for semester courses and the 10th absence in a full credit course.

3. Warning letters notifying any students that are in danger of having graduation credit withheld will be sent out at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters of the school year. 23

4. Loss of credit letters will be sent out two weeks before the end of the 1st and 2nd semesters notifying any students that have exceeded absence thresholds in any of their courses that graduation credit will be withheld.

5. A student who has course credit withheld due to excessive absences may appeal to the Appeals Committee. Students or their parents are responsible for initiating the appeal. Appeals forms will go live on the school counseling webpage two weeks before the 1st and 2nd semesters end.

6. For a student who loses credit due to absences, the grade earned will appear on the report card with a comment explaining that no credit was earned due to failing to meet the Attendance Policy.


Any student wishing to explain the circumstances affecting their absence record may, upon notification of loss of credit, complete the ELHS Attendance Appeals Form available on the Attendance webpage prior to the end of each semester. The appeals review committee will consist of a school counselor, three teachers and an administrator. All appeals must be filed prior to the start of midterm and/or final exams in order to be considered by the appeals review committee. Appeals cases will be reviewed in January and in June.

Upon review of the student’s appeal, the committee may:

• Affirm loss of credit

• Restore credit

• Restore credit pending student agreement to an attendance contract

All cuts (class, study hall, and detention) and tardiness will be considered part of the appeal process. Therefore, they will be a significant factor in the deliberations of the Attendance Appeals committee.