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ELHS Ticket Sales Are Now Digital 

We have made the decision to go cashless and will be using the platform at our home games. There are NO CASH sales at the gate. 

Senior Citizens (65+) and under 5 are free.  ELPS employees + 1 guest are admitted free to home regular season games with their employee badge. Game tickets will go on sale through GoFan prior to each home game. The GoFan FAQ page has information on how to purchase tickets, manage your tickets, and event changes: GoFan FAQ's 

We will be offering sport specific season mobile passes for those that wish to purchase a season pass ticket one time for all the regular season home games. All these season passes are up to a 50% savings off the regular season ticket price. Please note that each person age 5-64 will need a ticket to enter the game. 

A season mobile pass serves as a version of a hard copy pass for entrance into a specified game. Season mobile passes are the exact same as single event redemption in terms of how you redeem. Fans will pull up the pass on their phone at the gate and a staff member will click redeem. A major difference from single tickets is that this pass will not be removed from their phone. The pass will become disabled for a specified amount of time. During this time the purchaser will not be able to use the pass again. Once that time period is up, the pass will return to normal on their phone and they will be able to redeem it again (at the next game it is valid for).  

We look forward to seeing you at our Athletic events. 

IMPORTANT: DO NOT redeem your ticket until the event staff has confirmed it is valid. Screenshot of ticket will not be accepted. 

Some helpful GOFAN tips:  

  • Have your digital ticket open on your phone, ready to be redeemed (Open email & click “View My Tickets”) 

  • DO NOT redeem your ticket until instructed by site staff. Screenshot of ticket will not be accepted. 

  • If you haven’t purchased your ticket when you arrive,  there are QR codes posted. Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera and purchase your ticket on GoFan. 


Please note that when the Vikings are on the road, we must abide by the restrictions of that facility. Each school will have their own plan on how they will organize ticketing for their games.