Swim Lessons

Future sessions of lessons and registration opening dates:

6 week session: June 17th to August 1st with no classes the week of July 4th. Registration opens Monday, June 10th at 9:00 AM

Lesson schedule will be held as follows. Subject to change in the event of inclement weather or unexpected closures:

Monday Classes: 6/17, 6/24, 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29

Tuesday Classes: 6/18, 6/25, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30

Wednesday Classes: 6/19, 6/26, 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31

Thursday Classes: 6/20, 6/27, 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1 

No Friday classes, No classes 7/1-7/5

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5 week session: $83.33

6 week session:

$100 per student per session. 

Registration opens Monday, June 10, 2024 @ 9:00am

Financial assistance for East Lyme and Salem residents for lessons is available from the Pool Foundation.

Aquafit Class

Class meets on Thursdays 8:00 am to 8:45 am 
Instructor: Kim Stirtan - Kimstirtan@gmail.com

**No class August 22nd

This immensely enjoyable form of exercise makes creative use of the natural resistance and buoyancy of water to provide a low-impact work-out that is both fun and effective. It is suitable for all ages and different levels of fitness. Aqua-fitness work-outs aim to improve all the components of fitness: muscular endurance and strength, body composition, aerobic capacity, and flexibility or joint mobility, as well as improving neuromuscular coordination.

The cost is a $10.00 per class. A punch card must be purchased for $100. This is for 10 classes, and is valid for one year. The button below will bring you to the Membership section on RecDesk where you can purchase the punch card.

Purchase Punch Card Here

Financial assistance for East Lyme and Salem residents is available for Aquafit from the Pool Foundation.


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Swim Class Descriptions

  • Goggles and swim caps are highly recommended for all classes.
  • Intermediate, Advance, and Stroke School: swim cap required.
  • Goggles will not be provided. Swim caps will be provided if needed.

Baby and Me (ages infant thru 2 years) **Not being offered at this time.
Objectives: Water exploration
This class is designed to introduce infants and toddlers (through the age of two years) to the joys of swimming. Led by instructors, parents and their little ones will embark on a journey of water exploration through songs and games. Water acclimation, discovery, and confidence in the aquatic environment will develop throughout this class. Waterproof swim diapers are required for children who are not potty trained. 

Beginner Level Preschool (ages 3-4)
Objectives: Wet face, Blow Bubbles, Back float, Front glide
Preschool aquatics are an exciting experience but can also be stressful being put in a new environment. Our instructors work hard to make the class fun and welcome all of the participants. Each participant is challenged to try new skills with the focus being on floating, motor skills in the water, and water adaptation. Advanced students are taught to push off the wall and glide on their stomachs and on their backs. Air exchange is a vital part of this class and time is spent learning how to inhale and exhale on a rhythmic basis. As they progress through the session kicking will be covered in more detail.

Beginner 1 (ages 5+)
Objectives: Bobs, Back/front floats, Back/front glides, Back/front glides with kick
Beginner 1 is the beginner class for participants who have never taken swim lessons before or have not completed the graduation requirements to advance to Intermediate 1. Students in Beginner 1 will learn how to float on their backs unassisted, properly exchange air in and out of the water, submerge under water, and float on their front with assistance. We continue to work on independence in the water. Students will progress to learn how to push off the wall in a "streamline" position on their front and on their back. The goal is to be comfortable pushing off from the wall and gliding without panic.

Intermediate Level 1 (ages 5+)
Objectives: Bobs, Kicking, Back/front glides with kick, Body rolls - back to front, front to back, Intro freestyle, Streamline kick
Intermediate 1 builds upon the independence that was learned in Beginner 1. Participants will work on the correct kicking motion and incorporating that kick into front and back glides. Once students are moving back and forth in the lane, primarily unassisted, with front glides and back glides, they are taught how to roll into the water. We then introduce arm movement in the form of strokes. The goal is for participants to learn how to take a stroke correctly and then start linking more than one stroke together.

Advanced Level 1 (ages 5+)
Objectives: Streamline kick back and front, Freestyle, Bilateral breathing, Backstroke, Breaststroke kick, Butterfly kick
Advanced 1 teaches rhythmic and bilateral breathing for the front crawl and how to breathe on the side rather than rolling all the way on to the back. Swimming distance is increased gradually in this level. Backstroke is introduced and taught through progressions.

Stroke School (ages 5+)
Objectives: Refine freestyle and backstroke, learn butterfly and breaststroke
Stroke School teaches participants the necessary skills they need prior to joining the swim team. Focus is on learning breaststroke and butterfly strokes and refinement of freestyle and backstroke. Participants will also be taught proper lane etiquette and how to do turns legally for use in USA Swimming competitions in the future.