Suggested Snack List

Preschoolers need a substantial snack to get them through their classes. Please do your best to ensure there is at least 2 types of snack (ie, salty & sweet) enough to serve 16 students. Here are some suggestions - but please feel free to bring whatever you feel best. Snacks do not need to be individually prepackaged and baked goods are welcomed but please remember...

We are a NUT-FREE classroom!

String cheese or other cheese cuts

Fresh Fruit (bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes) Bring ready to serve


Ritz crackers

Individual Applesauce

Nut Free Baked Goods - muffins, banana, bread, zucchini bread, etc.


Carrots or other vegetables with dip such as hummus Goldfish

Individual yogurt cups - PLEASE refrain from sending Gogurt


Individual bags of cereal (low sugar please)

Please see our discussion on Food Allergies at the bottom of our Health & Safety page!

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