Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do the teachers and aides have?

Please go to our TEAM page to read each team members biography.

Does the staff receive or pursue ongoing professional education/development?
Each year our teachers complete a comprehensive self evaluation, looking at areas where they have excelled as well as any areas they feel that they need to develop or refresh their skills. We take advantage of applicable professional development days run by East Lyme Public Schools as well as events run by independent organizations. In addition, we have staff meetings through the year where they can receive and provide advice or strategies to each other. These discussions can cover anything from behavior management to presentation of an element of the curriculum. Each year we allocate money for professional development in our budget to come from tuition funds, however we also use money from savings as needed.

What is the staff turnover rate?
Ms. Tammie started in 1999
Ms. Kelli started in September 2010
Ms. Jean started in 2013
Ms. Sarah started in August 2016
Ms. Meghan started in January 2017

Does my child have to be potty trained?
Children are encouraged to be as self- sufficient as possible. Creative Playschool has their own dedicated bathroom in the school which is a short walk from our classrooms. The bathroom facility is equipped with 4 full-sized toilets inside private stalls and 3 sinks. The class schedule incorporates daily trips to the bathroom as a group but children are welcome to use the bathroom at any time and teachers ask that their students let them know when they need to use the bathroom. Creative Playschool staff are not allowed by state license to change diapers or pull-ups. If a child needs to be changed, a caregiver will be called and asked to come to the classroom by signing in through the main entrance. If a bathroom “accident” occurs, staff can help retrieve the child’s emergency clothes from their lockers and assist the child with changing, but encouraging the child to be as self-sufficient as possible.

tip: Elastic waist clothing make trips to the bathroom more successful for the children, but staff are always close by to help with buttons or zippers.

Can you observe the classroom before making your decision?
You are more than welcome to come and tour the classrooms with your child when we are in session. This can be arranged through our Enrollment Officer. We also offer Open Houses at various points through the Spring.

How many children are in a class?
We have a maximum of 16 children in a class

What is the staff to child ratio?
Our Traditional class has 2 adults to a maximum of 16 children (one teacher, one aide)
Our Cooperative classes have 3 adults to a maximum of 16 children (one teacher, one aide, one parent helper).

Can they accommodate your child’s specific dietary needs?
Snack is provided by parents of the children in class on a rostered basis. It is the parents’ responsibility to check the snack for the day and let the teacher know if it is suitable. Children sit at the table together for a communal snack time and are taught about when it is appropriate to share food and when it isn’t, so that if one child is eating a different snack from the rest of the children this is looked on by the children as being for a good reason and not one child being singled out.

What background checks are performed on people working in the classroom?
All staff and all parent helpers who are in the classroom for more than one occasion are required to submit an applications to volunteer, fingerprints, adult health screening & sign a DCF Release. In addition, a parent helper is never left alone with any child other than their own. Any bathroom trips during class time are dealt with by staff not parents.

What are the rates and fees?
Our fees are divided into equal payments September through June depending on what class your child is enrolled in. Our registration forms have more details. The 2017-2018 rates are as follows:

  • 2 day Cooperative class $120/month
  • 3 day Cooperative class $181/month
  • 3 day Traditional class $295/month
  • Creative Explorers class $130/month
  • Lunch Bunch $60/month

How do you make payments?
Payment is due monthly, although we are more than happy to set up a more frequent payment plan if needed. Check is preferred but we do take cash if you set up an appointment with the Program Coordinator or Tuition Officer. You can set up an automatic payment and have it mailed to our PO Box or you simply leave the payment in the tuition envelope in your child’s sign in / sign out clipboard box. All checks should be made payable to "ELBOE Special Account"

Is the preschool open on National Holidays?
We follow the East Lyme Public Schools calendar. Generally we are not open on National Holidays. The main exception is Veteran’s Day as ELPS are open on this day.

Can parents drop in unannounced?
Parents of currently enrolled students are always welcome in the classroom. However, we do request that any unannounced visits remain very brief. If you wanted to stay for longer we would need some notice so that the teacher could incorporate you into the class. It does need to be remembered that in the Cooperative classes the child of the parent helper for the day, is generally very excited that their Mom, Dad, Nana, etc. to be in the class with them. Having another adult in the class on the same day for the whole day can take away from the special day for that child. You must sign in through the front office and be escorted to the Creative classrooms.

If you are not currently enrolled at Creative, you would need to make an appointment with the Enrollment Officer or Program Coordinator so they can meet you, show you around, explain routines and answer any questions you have. The teachers are teaching the children and won’t have the time to do this. As a matter of safety we could not let people not known to us into a classroom, unaccompanied.

Does the staff have First Aid/CPR training?

Do the children go off premises at all?
We will occasionally go to the Middle School, which is a 3 minute walk from the classrooms , for a music concert put on by the Middle School choir. The 3 day classes also go to Waterford Country Farm, usually in May. Transportation there and back is by parents.

Is there a formal curriculum?
Yes there is and it can be found on our website for each class.

My child does not turn 3 before January 1st, can I enroll him/her once they turn 3?
Yes. If there are roster spaces available, a child may enter as of their 3rd birthday after January 1st.

What does a typical day look like?
Please take a look at each program on our website for a typical daily routine.
2 Day Cooperative Class
3 Day Traditional & Cooperative Classes

How do the staff handle behavioral issues and discipline?
We have a policy that covers Social and Behavioral development which can be found by clicking here.

My question was not answered, how can I contact someone for assistance or to set up a tour?

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