Our programs are designed to help each child be themselves and yet be able to succeed in a group. We feel that children should have the opportunity to express themselves freely in an orderly atmosphere, as they learn through play. The children can explore all things presented to them as individuals, yet still remain part of a diverse group. Learning to share and respect the natural differences of their peers as they further develop their own personalities

Our programs and our curriculum are designed to meet the developmental needs of the children. In an atmosphere that respects and enhances the important role of play in the learning process, children learn important social skills like sharing and taking turns. They develop these skills through interactions with their peers. Our curriculum remains organized and developed by our teachers, within the State of Connecticut Preschool Guidelines and works towards preparing children for all aspects of successfully starting at kindergarten.

The children learn kindergarten readiness skills through activities that develop attention, comprehension, and following directions. The teachers incorporate a variety of activities into their daily classroom, which allows the child to respond according to his/her developmental level.

Co-op Classroom Duties:  Parent/Guardians with the Co-op option participate as parent helpers to the teaching staff (6 times over the course of a year).  The parent helper assists the teachers in the setting up and clean up of the classroom and also works with the children during class time under teacher supervision.  At all times the parent helper has the support of the teacher and aide to ensure that this time with the children is a positive experience where they can be relaxed enough to not only enjoy the day but also learn from the experience. 

Traditional Class Duties: Parents/guardians in traditional classes provide the snack and beverage for the day on a rotating basis. It is always made clear to parents in the traditional class that they are welcome to come in and be a parent helper if they wanted to do so and were able to take time off work/ arrange child care for a younger sibling.