In addition to the classroom duties described on Our Programs page, Creative families must meet a few obligations each year. These mandatory obligations our what enables our school to run as a Cooperative preschool and helps keep our tuition rates low.

1 Orientation Meeting

The Orientation meeting is divided into two parts, half with the teacher to learn about the general format for the class and the other half with the President to learn about school requirements. The meeting occurs the week before school starts.

3 General Meetings

Creative Playschool, Inc. is operated by the parents, with the support of East Lyme Board of Education. In accordance with our By-laws, a family representative is required to attend the three General Meetings a year. At these meetings, among other topics, we address classroom matters, enrichment programs, social activities and financial status.

The General Meetings are held in one of our classrooms and are scheduled for 2 hours but typically run about 1 hour in length. Free babysitting is provided in the adjacent classroom for your children.

1 Classroom Cleaning Evening

Each student is expected to have at least one family representative attend a classroom cleaning evening. As part of our agreement with the East Lyme Board of Education we are responsible for keeping our classrooms clean. Every day the teachers ensure that the rooms are vacuumed, tables, chairs, toys and equipment are clean. However, additional help is needed to maintain the rooms and that is where the cleaning evenings come in.

A few times each school year, each classroom and its contents get a major cleaning. During these times we will clean cupboards, windows, vents as well as equipment. The cleaning sessions give parents a sense of ownership in the Preschool as well as another chance for parents to get together and chat. The time always passes more quickly and the work appears less onerous when the company you are in is friendly. Each class is assigned a particular day to come clean and each cleaning session runs about an hour. If you cannot make your assigned cleaning evening you are still expected to come clean on another day.

End of School Year Picnic & Raffle

The End of School Year Picnic & Raffle is our biggest fundraiser of the school year. The picnic is a time to celebrate the end of the school year with all Creative families, while the raffle provides the element of raising funds and winning prizes. Each student is required to have a family representative participate in some way

There is also an opportunity to be a member of the Picnic & Planning Committee. If this interests you please contact the President.