About Us

Creative Playschool, Inc., a cooperative preschool, is owned by the parents of children who are currently enrolled; some of whom function as administrative officers (the Executive Board) of the school. Creative Playschool, Inc. is a non-profit preschool that follows Connecticut State regulations; we are under the administration of East Lyme Board of Education and abide by the East Lyme Board of Education policies and procedures.

We are a non profit, non-denominational, equal opportunity preschool and are funded entirely by tuition and fundraising events.

It is the purpose of our school to operate through the cooperative efforts of all involved and to provide the opportunity for children to develop individual personalities, curiosity, interests and abilities.
This philosophy has allowed Creative Playschool to exist and thrive since it was started in the Spring of 1966. Parents wanted to establish a preschool environment where children could learn to feel good about them self and to develop a sense of what it means to grow and share with their peers. These parents formed a cooperative school because they believed this concept offered the best transition from home to school. They believed strongly that a young child’s first experience with separation lessens because of a parent’s participation in the class. Since this time, organizational details have changed as have some of the programs offered, however this core value remains the same.

Creative Playschool provides an easy transition for the child from the family to a larger social structure. The child’s parent or other significant adults become a part of their new situation by participating in regularly scheduled days. As an active part of the classroom, parents have the opportunity to observe their child directly and to share and discuss information with the teacher; thus building the parent-teacher partnership. By working and learning about their child’s routine directly, families are better able to chat with their child about how their day was when they were not present

Together, family members, the children, other parents and our teachers create a unique and diverse class.