Referral/In-take Process:

Referrals can be made throughout the school year by:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • School personnel (administrators, counselors and teachers)

Students must:

  • Have demonstrated through previous academic performance that the traditional model of education has not been effective
  • Have the interpersonal skills necessary to be successful as a member of the student body and be able to work independently in a chosen internship
  • Have the potential for motivation, integrity and a positive work ethic
  • Be committed to exploring a nontraditional educational setting (this includes the family)
  • Not have a recent history of significant antisocial or violent behavior

East Lyme and Salem students who are entering high school as ninth graders or who are currently in the ninth grade are encouraged to apply. However, all students/applicants will be considered.

Student Candidate:

Why do you feel that you need a nontraditional high school setting?

Why are you interested in Coastal Connections?

Share an example of an accomplishment which makes you very proud?

What are you passionate about? Describe something that you really enjoy doing and learning about and explain why it interests you. Please be specific.



Why do you feel your child needs an option to the traditional high school setting?

What is your son/daughter passionate about?

What are your expectations for Coastal Connections? Please be specific.

Application Form (posted 11-03-16)

Note: For enrollment consideration, the student must demonstrate (through the application process) a motivation to succeed in the Coastal Connections Program. He/she must also make a commitment to attend school on a regular basis, actively participate, and to conduct himself/herself in a respectful manner.