Connecticut Fast "Fax"!!!


Click on the 50 States link and record the answers to the following fun facts about the state you live in!

1. Origin of the name:
2. Bordering States :
3. Capital city:
4. Governor:
5. Year it became a state:
6. State nickname :
7. Motto:
8. Bird:
9. State's Population
10. Tree:
11. Flower :
12. Song :
13. Name a famous person from Connecticut:
14. Lowest Point:
15. Highest Point: How many ft.?
16. Number of Counties:
17. Write down a surprising fact:

After having a teacher check your work, you may print this page.

Click here and choose 3 of the above to illustrate on a sheet of blank white paper. Use colored pencils.

When done, play the game "State symbols" on this site.